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MBO stages en HBO- en WO afstudeeropdrachten

We are an innovative internationally oriented company and are active in the production and processing of animal feed and cheese. Our company is engaged in the collection of residual and side streams from the food industry. The collected products, such as sweets, biscuits, chocolate, cheese, etc. that are released during the production process, are then processed within our company.

The products are collected by ourselves, therefore logistics is an important branch of our company. In addition, there is a lot of logistics work at our production location that is done with the forklift. The logistics department of Smits Zevenhuizen is an ideal learning workplace if you are following or want to follow an MBO course in logistics.

The products are replaced from the logistics department by the operators of the Cheese of Livestock Food department, who process the products with innovative machines. These machines are developed and maintained by the Technical Service. Furthermore, there are various support functions within our company, such as the Quality, Administration, Purchasing and Sales and Marketing department.

Innovation is an arrowhead on which Smits Zevenhuizen stands, we like to work on process improvement and that also gives us a right to exist. This requires Research and Development, the issues that are taken over there fit in very well with HBO and WO graduation assignments.

Are you looking for a stage at one of our departments, or for a graduation assignment. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Some possible research questions are:
Which animal group is able to utilize our residual flows in an efficient manner? This with a view to the highest possible utilization in view of the nutritional composition.
How can we reduce, reuse, separate or purify our process water so that a future-proof process is guaranteed?
How can we make our unpacking process in packaged foods?

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Apply for this position